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Top Rated Fantasy Label Design

Bring your fantasy draft party to the NEXT-LEVEL with our trend-setting label design available with all 2022 fantasy football draft board kits.

With outrageous constrast and clarity, even a ref can read the labels from a distance!

Buy a 2022 - 2023 Draft Kit with NEXT-LEVEL Labels.

2022 fantasy football draft board labels stickers kit
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Exclusive Parter with Gorilla Tubes!

Nobody wants a bent board. Protect your fantasy football draft board with our exclusive premium Gorilla Tube shipping option.

- No unfolding (none).

- No creases (zero)

- And Yes, It's Guaranteed.

Premium draft boards deserve premium shipping.


The 2022 Fantasy Football Player Ranking Poster is available in the Essentials Add On, the Ultimate Add On!

2022 fantasy football draft rankings poster add on

Complete 2022 Fantasy Football Draft Board Kits

Our goal is to make sure that your 2022 fantasy football draft party is epic! The best way to ensure your draft party goes off without a hitch is to use a high-quality paper fantasy football draft board. You'll find basic draft kits starting at $19, as well as premium top-of-the-line draft boards that sell for over $100. We have a draft kit for every league, from beginner to expert.

We didn't create the original fantasy football draft board. We just made it better!

Browse our selection of 2022 fantasy football draft boards.

Picking up the best 2022 offline draft kit ends right here. We're so confident that you'll love your draft kit that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every 2022 kit!

Make sure to check out our huge selection of 2022 boards and player labels, including our popular Hall of Fame collection and our Commish Choice collection.

You can also build your own with our Build-a-Board, our fully custom fantasy football draft board! At 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards, you'll find complete draft kits that contain everything you need to execute an epic offline draft.

Our NEXT-LEVEL label design is unlike any other label on the market. With the average NFL player rank, best rank, and bye week, every manager will be able to make more strategic draft decisions. With unmatched contrast, due to our unique design, you'll be able to easily read each player's name from across the room, whether you're drafting in Vegas, or a studio apartment!

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