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Our goal is to make sure that your 2019 fantasy football draft party is epic! Your search for the best fantasy football draft board for your 2019 offline draft ends right here, right now. We have the best selection of draft boards on the market, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee with every fantasy football draft board sold. We've been selling offline draft kits since 2010, and we know what it takes to host a legendary draft party. You will find the best selection of all-in-one draft board kits, which will include the draft board itself, player labels, and offline draft packs*, which include the 2019 player rankings. Our offline draft boards include fluorescent labels, and the player's name can be seen from 30-ft away.


Do you need your fantasy football draft board delivered fast? Did you know that we offer fast and guaranteed shipping to any location in the US? Our fantasy football draft boards and player labels are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, which guarantees delivery anywhere in the US within 2-3 business days. And since we ship from Vermont, if you live on the East coast, it's likely that your draft board + labels will be delivered within 1-2 business days. If you need your draft board delivered sooner, we do offer overnight shipping (contact us for more info). 


Not only will we ship you the best fantasy draft kit + labels on the market, we're here to ensure your offline draft party is a huge success. That's why you must follow these 5 rules when you host your offline fantasy football draft party. 

Rule 1 - Pick the Venue, Date, and Time at least 1 month in advance. Don't plan this last minute, your draft party will be a mess. 

Rule 2 - Clarify the draft rules prior to starting. Once the draft has started, no rule changes can be made, so make sure to clarify / confirm any changes prior to starting. 

Rule 3 - Everyone must be present. For an offline fantasy draft party to be successful, you can't have any call-in picks or autodrafters. 

Rule 4 - Keep things moving along. Although we don't suggest using a timer, make sure to keep things moving along. We recommend setting up an intermission halfway through. 

Rule 5 - No backsies. Did you just draft Chris Johnson instead of David Johnson? Perhaps you confused Mike Thomas (WR, Rams) for Michael Thomas (WR, Saints)? Either way, once you make your pick, it's final. 

Rule 6 - Prizes and Punishments. If you purchase a 2019 fantasy football draft board from us, you won't have to worry about the quality. With that said, a successful offline draft party will also feature plenty of prizes, punishments, and ad-hoc festivities.

At the end of the day, this is your offline fantasy draft party, make it one to remember. 

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  • FantasyFootballDraftBoard.net was exceptionally helpful in delivering great customer service. There is no question I will order from them in the future.



  • Ordered the Hall of Fame Draft Board on Monday, and I had a package waiting for me at my house 3 days later. I didn't even have to pay extra for shipping! They have earned a customer for life.



  • The player stickers in this draft kit were far superior to some of the other kits I have purchased before. The colors were crisp, and my 10-team fantasy football draft board looked great on the wall. The only thing better than this draft board was the fac



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