Don’t be fooled, picking your fantasy football team name is serious business. How to pick your team name depends on a few different factors. 

Factor 1 - Are you in a league with Keepers?

If so, and you know that you are going to be keeping someone like Todd Gurley, you can start to think of a team name centered around him. Todd Gurley is a great example because you can take “Gurley” and go in a lot of different directions. Popular team names in 2017 included Two Gurley’s One Cup, Play Like a Gurley, Gurley’s Gone Wild, and… well, you get the point. Anything word or phrase where “Girl” would be found you can replace with Gurley.

Of course, Todd Gurley is not the only person that gives you this level of flexibility when picking your fantasy football team name. Other players such as Carlos Hyde (Hide), Zeke (Geek) Elliott, Dak (Back) Prescott, and Blake Bortles (Bottles) make it easy to pick a clever team name.

If, on the other hand, you are not in a league with Keepers, selecting a team name based around a player can be a bit risky. Since you should finalize your team name before the draft, you may find yourself reaching a round or two to pick up that player. If you are in an auction league, your fellow league mates will also drive up the price knowing you need him (I once saw Julio Jones go to “Game of Jones” for $92 in a $200 Auction).


Factor 2 - Are you in a Work League or PC League?

If so, you’ll want to stay away from any vulgar or inappropriate team names, which accounts for roughly ¾ of all the team names you can find on the internet!


Factor 3 - Do you want to choose your team name around your favorite NFL team.

This can be seen as a bit of a Rookie and / or unoriginal move, but so be it. If you are a bit stuck, check out this website that can help you generate a team name based on your favorite NFL team or something completely random - - It’s perfectly safe for work and could help you find the perfect name for your team in 2018.