What is a Fantasy Football Taxi Squad?

What is a Fantasy Football Taxi Squad?

You may have heard this term "fantasy football taxi squad" being used in your favorite fantasy football podcast, but are unsure what it is.

You might have heard about managers making "perfect stashes" in their taxi squad or maybe your commissioner has encouraged implementing them in your league.

If you play in a dynasty league, it's something that should be on your radar.

Dynasty leagues have seen a tremendous boom in popularity in recent years as fantasy football fans are trying to retain their engagement with the league 24 hours a day and 365 days a day. While some managers are able to understand how to set up dynasty FF rules, many new players are still navigating all of the differences, including whether or not to use a taxi squad.

And as dynasty fantasy football has become more and more popular, strategies behind how to use your taxi squad will increase as well. This article will break down what a fantasy football taxi squad is, and some general advice for using this.

So, What is a Fantasy Taxi Squad?

Generally speaking, the taxi squad is modeled after NFL practice squads in fantasy. You can ‘stash' players off your active roster, but retain them on your team.

Often times taxi squad rules allow only rookie and second-year players to be added. Rules of how each league used a taxi squad will vary.

Many rookies fail to produce meaningful stats during their first year, while others are absolute studs in fantasy. Once a player is "activated" from the taxi squad, they usually can not be sent back down. So a fantasy manager's decision to use the taxi squad will be difficult.

Fantasy football taxi squads can add a unique and competitive layer into any dynasty fantasy league. 

Why is it called a taxi squad?

The name "Taxi Squad" is derived from the Cleveland Browns football team from the 1940's. Hall of Fame coach Paul Brown initiated the use of the taxi squad as a way to circumvent roster limit rules set by the AFC.

Tips for Using your FF Taxi squad

  1. Only "call up" players who you expect will contribute for the entire season. Remember, you will have to drop an active player from your roster in order to call someone up.

  2. Draft the highest risk/reward prospects and set them in your taxi squad.

  3. Pick up the UDFA pre-season heroes and stash them away on your squad.

  4. Tight Ends are great taxi squad players, as they often take more time to develop in the NFL.

Can you Have a Fantasy Football Taxi Squad on Sleeper?


Sleeper offers the ability for dynasty leagues to assign players to a Taxi Squad. Sleeper also allows the commish to set the time period for which a player can be added to the Taxi Squad, as well as limits for sending back to the Taxi Squad. IF you aren't using taxi squad slots now, ask your league mates if they are interested. 


Can you Have a Fantasy Football Taxi Squad on ESPN?

Not at this time. 

The ESPN Fantasy Football platform has long been a fan favorite, but it is currently missing the ability to offer a Taxi Squad. ESPN is not the ideal platform for dynasty fantasy football leagues. 

Can you Have a Fantasy Football Taxi Squad on Yahoo?

Not at this time. 

The Yahoo Fantasy Football platform remains very popular among fantasy football fans, but it is currently missing the ability to offer a Taxi Squad. Although Yahoo fantasy football is superior to ESPN, it is also not the ideal platform for dynasty fantasy football leagues. 

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