Fantasy Football F.A.Q's

Where can I buy a 2021 fantasy football draft board?

Most fantasy football draft boards can not be purchased in your local store. At one point, Dicks Sporting Goods did sell draft boards locally, but they stopped in 2019. Other local stores have sold NFL draft board kits (I even found one at a local grocery store one year), but that also stopped in 2020. You can buy a draft board and label kit at many online retailers, including Amazon and right here at 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards. With fast 1-3 day priority shipping, you can have a fully custom draft board kit delivered on your doorstep in no time. 


How do you make a fantasy football draft board?

Making a basic fantasy draft board is actually not that difficult, and can take as little as 1 hour to make. All you will need is a large paper or poster board, Avery labels, markers, a yardstick, and ideally a printer (to save time). All of the materials can be picked up at Staples or Walmart.

First you’ll cut the poster or paper to a 48-inch x 36-inch base (you can go bigger if you'd like).

Then, you’ll draw your draft board grid. Make sure to include the exact number of teams and rounds your league has.

For the player labels, you can either leave them blank and let each fantasy manager fill in the info when drafting or pre-print all player names using an online program such as Avery Label Maker. 

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What positions do I draft in fantasy football?

Most leagues will require at least 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D/ST. From there, you’ll need to draft extra players from each position to fill your bench. It’s becoming more popular for leagues to drop the Kicker position, as well as allowing managers to start 2 QB’s. Check your league settings before you draft to know exactly what positions and how many players can be started for each position.


What is the best fantasy football draft strategy?

Although this depends on your league format and draft position, the strategy that typically results in the most fantasy football championships is a RB heavy strategy in early rounds, WR’s in the mid rounds, and a QB, Defense and Kicker in the late rounds. If your draft position is in the late first round, it may be wise to go with the #1 WR or #1 TE with your first pick.

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Who are the best players to draft in fantasy football?

The best players to draft in fantasy football are the ones that will score the most points in the upcoming season. If you can’t predict the future, we recommend using tools like Fantasy Pros, ESPN, and The Fantasy Footballers to get advise, projections, and rumors about which players are going to breakout. These tools will help you understand not only WHO to draft, but when to draft them, giving you a competitive advantage over your league.


How many RB and WR should I draft?

The most common drafting strategy that results in the most fantasy championships is drafting 5 RB’s and 4 WR’s. The RB position often comes with a higher injury rate, so it’s wise to stock up on RB’s. The point differential between the top ranked Running Back and 20th ranked RB is far greater than any other position, due to fantasy football positional scarcity. Bell-Cow RB’s such as Dalvin Cook and Ezekiel Elliott will offer more fantasy value, as they often don’t come off the field very often.


How do I pick my fantasy draft order?

Picking your leagues fantasy draft order can have major ramifications on who ultimately wins your league. With that being said, we DO NOT recommend picking the draft order manually, as this may show bias. If you don’t want to go with a completely random draft order, the best ways to chose the order are: Reverse Order from the Last Year League Standings,  Credit Card Roulette, Madden Tournament, Online Wonderlic Exam and Pabst Blue Ribbon Poker.

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