Make Your Own Fantasy Football Draft Board

Are you wondering how to make your own fantasy football draft board? You can make your own fantasy football draft board in 5 easy steps using materials that cost $30 or less. If you are within driving distance of a Staples or Home Depot, making your own fantasy draft board is quite easy.

Estimated Time: 5 Hours

Estimated Cost: $24

If you'd prefer a professional, high quality draft board, we've got you covered. Get started designing a fully customized draft board now!

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diy fantasy football draft board step 1


Choose Between a Cardboard and Paper Draft Board

This is the first big decision that you'll make with your DIY Draft Board. If you are planning on hanging it on the wall, we suggest going with paper, but if you'll be outside and/or will be using a stand, a cardboard draft board is the best way to go. Both products can be found on Amazon:


diy fantasy football draft board step 2

Trace Out the Slots on Your Draft Board

It would be best if you own a yardstick, but you could freehand the board if needed. Make sure each line is spaced at least 3 inches apart, and at least 1 inch tall. This is because you'll be using Avery 5160 labels, which are 3 x 1, and any smaller means your labels will overlap each other. You'll want to draw lines based on the number of teams in your fantasy league, as well as the number of rounds you'll be drafting.

A standard ESPN Fantasy Football league has 15 rounds, but make the necessary adjustments based on your league settings.


diy fantasy football draft board step 3Buy Avery Labels at Staples or Amazon

The fluorescent Avery 5160 address labels work well with your DIY draft board 36 x 48. You could use a white label, but the fluorescent labels will allow you to better understand which team is drafting which position. For example, every Running Back would be Green, every Wide Receiver would be Pink, and every Quarterback would be Yellow.

You can use white labels for Kickers and Defenses. Again, pick some up at Staples or Amazon.


diy fantasy football draft board step 4

Create Your Labels in Microsoft Word or Avery Label Maker (online)

We recommend using Avery Label maker online, as it's a bit more intuitive than using Microsoft Word. You should start by creating a list of every player that you want to use and save it in an Excel file first. Use one column for first name and one column for the last name. This way, you can use the Mail Merge feature of Avery Label Maker, and save yourself a bunch of time creating each player label.


If you don't want to print your labels, you could always hand-write each player name using a Sharpie or other black marker.


The Last Step: Print Your Labels!

Make sure to do a few test prints and watch the margins of your printer to ensure that each player name fits within the lines. Depending on your computer and printer settings, you may need to make a few test prints before using the fluorescent labels. Once the labels have been printed, you're ready to draft! Making your own fantasy football draft board is not hard, but it is time-consuming. You should plan on spending a solid 5 hours making the draft board.

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diy fantasy football draft board version 1

diy fantasy football draft board version 2

diy fantasy football draft board version 3

Buying a draft board online will save you time and energy, not to mention our draft boards are some of the most popular products on the market today. We have a variety of pre-designed fantasy football draft boards for sale, including the Rookie of the Year, Commish Choice, The Original, Hall of Fame, and the PED Draft Board.

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