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We hope that you find the 2020 Fantasy Football SOS for Passing Stats ( QB, WR, TE ) above helpful.  The chart contains a weekly evaluation based on 2019 stats, and 2020 projections. Here, you can see how the passing game may thrive, struggle, or be a non-factor, as you prepare for your 2020 fantasy football draft.  You'll want to take the fantasy football playoff schedule into consideration if you hope to content for a title in 2020.  Major Takeaways: TB Playoff Schedule - As if Tom Brady and Gronk to the Bucs couldn't get more juicy. Their fantasy playoff schedule...

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7. Punish the Loser We're not talking about going full tattoo league, though that is an option.  Punishing the loser of your fantasy league can be something small, or significant, your call. Punishing the loser of your fantasy league will bring added pressure to the toilet bowl, a once forgotten fantasy matchup. Not only will this make your toilet bowl more exciting, but in some leagues, the fantasy loser bowl is a more highly anticipated matchup than the championship!  The old saying, if you ain't first, you're last, doesn't apply here.  If you ain't first, you better hope you don't...

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