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Are you trying to prepare for your first live fantasy football draft party? We've got you covered. Our online store has a plethora of football draft kits that won't break the bank! With draft boards and color label kits starting at $32, our Rookie of the Year draft kit is perfect for those seeking an entry-level kit. The Rookie of the Year Draft Board was a popular pick last year, and will be back for 2015. 

The Commissioners Choice fantasy draft board kit is one of the most popular products that we offer. This draft board comes with 40 quarterbacks (the 2014 edition came with Manziel, Bridgewater, and more), 120 wide receivers, 90 running backs, and all 32 kickers / defenses. Our standard fantasy draft boards measure at 36" X 48" and are large enough to fit 10 teams and 20 rounds. We do sell 12, 14 and 16 team draft boards, so please contact us to learn more. 

All Inclusive Fantasy Draft Board Packages - If you are searching for a fantasy football draft board that comes with all the bells and whistles, opt for the Hall of Fame kit or P.E.D. draft kit. Both of these kits were designed for deep fantasy football leagues. Featuring over 80 QB's, 160 WR's, and 130 RB's, this draft kit has a label for anybody that is relevant in fantasy football. Although we missed a key player in 2014 (Crabtree), before the 2015 labels are printed, we will ask all previous customers to review them. This will help ensure every player is included on our labels and stickers. 

Learn More About Our Fantasy Football Draft Boards

As you'll see from our website, we live and breathe fantasy football here. Whether you come to purchase a draft board or simply stay updated with the latest fantasy football news, we have you covered! Please contact us by online form or by phone if you have any questions or concerns, or you would like to learn more about us. Did you know that 2015 will mark our 10th year selling fantasy football draft boards!?

Our draft kits received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback last year, and for good reason! Instead of sitting back and observing our laurels, we have decided to come back in 2015 bigger and better than ever. You'll quickly discover that we stay a step ahead of the competition, by offering the best and highest quality fantasy football draft boards.

Chances are, we have a draft board for you, no matter how big your fantasy league is. Although we specialize in 10 team fantasy football draft boards, 12 team boards, and 14 team boards, we can create a custom package to fit your needs. For custom orders, please contact Kyle at 802-318-2911.

Feel free to browse our selection of fantasy football draft kits, including Rookie of the Year, Commissioners Choice and Hall of Fame. We also encourage you to read the reviews that we have gotten on Yahoo!, ESPN and RotoWire. If you have any questions about our fantasy football draft boards, please do not hesitate contact us right away. Although we are located in Burlington, Vermont, our online store allows us to serve the entire country. Our loyal customer base ranges from the New England area to Colorado, Texas, California, and Florida. We even ship to Canada (special rates apply).

We are always looking to improve our boards (and labels for that matter), so if you have an idea of how we can improve our offerings even more, please drop us a line! Case-in-point, we received a recommendation for a customer to create a larger draft board & labels. Thus, we released the PED Draft Kit. This kit features a massive 7 foot draft board, and labels are 5" x 2". This product was launched in 2014 and will be back for the 2015 fantasy football season.

Although we specialize in fantasy football draft kits, we also provide our customers with the latest news, rumors, and more. Head over to our fantasy football blog to find out who the fantasy football sleepers are in 2015.

Worried about shipping? We ship everything USPS Priority, which guarantees delivery within 3 business days. To keep your board and labels safe during transit, we highly recommend choosing TUBE shipping. For 2015, all boards will be shipped in a non-bendable poster tube, which will guarantee that your board arrives in flawless condition. From everybody at FantasyFootballDraftBoard net, we look forward to serving you in the near future.

Testimonials of our Fantasy Football Draft Boards

I purchased a fantasy football draft board and was blown away at the speed in which my order was processed and the board was delivered. I've purchased boards from other websites in the past, and there is no comparison."
- Max in Nebraska


My fantasy draft board was delivered even though I am currently stationed overseas. I was impressed with the quality of the board and labels and will be back in 2015. GO JETS"
- Mark in United States Army (UAE)


I highly recommend using Tube Shipping. My board arrived in a poster tube and the labels were carefully taped to the inside."
- Paul in California