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Buy the Best 2017 Fantasy Football Draft Board!

Whether you're preparing for your first live offline fantasy football draft party, or you're a seasoned veteran, we've got you covered. Our online store has a plethora of fantasy football draft board kits for sale, including the Rookie of the Year, Commissioners Choice, Hall of Fame, P.E.D, The Original, and The Bro draft board. Every board is designed, printed, packaged and shipped from Burlington, Vermont, USA.

Our fantasy football draft boards received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback last year, and for good reason! Despite a lot of positive feedback, we have decided to come back in 2017 bigger and better than ever. You'll quickly discover that we stay a step ahead of the competition, by offering the best and highest quality fantasy football draft boards. Many of our 2017 draft boards and player labels have been redesigned to provide the best draft day experience.

  • PED – This is one of the largest draft boards on the market today. Featuring a 6-foot tall draft board and massive player labels, even your neighbors will be heckling you for any poor picks!
  • Hall of Fame – The Hall of Fame draft board has gone through the most comprehensive updates since last year. You’ll still have a choice of 4 HD background images, including the Backside Beauty, but the labels, label spacing, and board format have been updated. With 60 QB’s, 120 WR’s, 120 RB’s, and all 32 D/ST, printed on premium fluorescent labels, you can’t go wrong with the Hall of Fame draft kit. Every player who is projected to be fantasy relevant in 2017 is included (minus IDP labels).
  • Commish Choice - The Commissioners Choice kit is one of the most popular products on the market. This draft board comes with over 40 quarterbacks, 120 wide receivers, 90 running backs, and all 32 kickers / defenses. The Commissioners Choice draft kit comes with premium fluorescent color labels and a 40 LB Color draft board! New for 2017 is a choice of a black, blue or red fantasy draft board. Some have called this the best fantasy football draft board that we offer, but we have a tough time picking our favorite.
  • The Original – Not willing to purchase a premium draft board but still want the premium level experience on draft day? That’s where “The Original” comes in. Featuring more player labels than our basic Rookie of the Year draft board, but less features and add-on’s than the Hall of Fame, The Original offers tremendous bang for your buck. This was the first fantasy football draft board that we sold when the business opened 12 years ago, and continues to be a popular item for leagues across the country.
  • The Bro - "The Bro" draft board is a popular product for those who call each other "Bro" and "Guy". This draft board is the only one on the market that features player nicknames. That's right, instead of drafting Ezekiel Elliot and Adrian Peterson, your labels will say Zeke and All Day. Pretty cool, right? We stay updated with the latest nicknames across the NFL, but if you know of a less common one, drop us a line.
  • Rookie of the Year – This product is perfect for those seeking an entry-level kit at a competitive price. Although you may sacrifice a bit of style with this draft kit, you really can't go wrong for $30. Featuring over 300 black and white labels with a 20 LB bond paper board, the Rookie of the Year Draft Board is sure to be a popular pick in 2017. Every sticker will feature the players position in the upper left hand corner of the label. This item does not come with any IDP fantasy football labels.
  • Custom Draft Board – Searching for a custom fantasy football draft board? We have a number of templated options to choose from, including background color, line color, league name, label style, number of rounds and number of teams. If you are looking for something even more customized (such as the Backside Beauty), just contact us and we’ll help you design the perfect custom draft board.

Fantasy Football Loser Gear

Shaming the loser of your fantasy league last year. What’s not to like about this? You’ll find a couple unique options here, including a fantasy football loser license plate and a fantasy football participation certificate. We also suggest that you check out our blog post that offers more suggestions on how to punish the loser of your league.

Why Buy a Fantasy Football Draft Board Online?

We can speak for the other places where you can buy a fantasy draft board online, but we assure you that we’ve thought of everything with our products. Having gone through hundreds of offline fantasy draft simulations and getting feedback from our customers for the last 12 years, we’re confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your purchase. From color-coded player labels and a premium draft board to offering command hook strips for easy installation / removal, you simply cannot beat our products! We challenge you to find a fantasy football draft board at Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, or other local store that offers more value. With 1-day shipping right to your door, why would you go elsewhere?

Please contact us by online form or by phone if you have any questions or concerns about our draft boards, apparel, or shipping cost / speed. We also encourage you to learn more about us by reading our history and / or online reviews.

What About Shipping?

Worried about shipping? We ship everything USPS Priority, which guarantees delivery within the USA within 3 business days. For many of our customers in the New England and New York area, your package will be delivered within 1-2 days. To keep your draft board and labels safe during transit, we highly recommend choosing TUBE shipping. We offer shipping in a non-bendable poster tube, which will guarantee that your board arrives in flawless condition.

Features of our Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Let’s talk about features. Whether you are in the market for a 10 team fantasy football draft board, a 12 team board, a 14 team board, or more, we’ve got you covered. We can create a custom board up to 20 teams (contact Kyle at 802-318-2911 to learn more). Some of the features that you’ll find here that you may not find elsewhere include: Fluorescent labels, player bye week, 2017 projected rank, up to 40 LB premium bond paper, offline draft packs, command hook stickers, fantasy football playoff add-on’s, fantasy team playoff schedule add ons, and much more. Have an idea that will make our draft boards even better? Let us know!

Feel free to browse our selection of fantasy football draft boards from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Our loyal customer base ranges from the New England area to Colorado, Texas, California, and Florida. We even ship to Canada (special rates apply).




I purchased a fantasy football draft board and was blown away at the speed in which my order was processed and the board was delivered. I've purchased boards from other websites in the past, and there is no comparison."
- Max in Nebraska


My fantasy draft board was delivered even though I am currently stationed overseas. I was impressed with the quality of the board and labels and will be back in 2015. GO JETS"
- Mark in United States Army (UAE)


I highly recommend using Tube Shipping. My board arrived in a poster tube and the labels were carefully taped to the inside."
- Paul in California


What I liked most about my draft board was how I can customize the number of rounds and teams instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that many other draft boards have. I was able to get a 14 team 18 round fantasy draft board and fill the entire board with labels, rather than leaving half of it empty! This particular board was also thicker than others that I've purchased before."
- Randy in Boston