Maintaining your team throughout the year is one of the most difficult things to do in fantasy football. Adding and dropping players throughout the year can make or break your entire season.

Knowing when to cut a player loose, regardless of when you drafted him, is no easy task, but it must be done. On the flip side, letting a player go too early has its repercussions, so don’t pull the trigger too soon!

Whether it is due to injuries, depth chart changes, trades, or breakouts, your final roster will likely be comprised of less than 70% of the team that you drafted.

Here are a few tips on how you can better manage your team throughout the year.

Tip 1 - Have a Short Term Memory

Similar to how a Cornerback must forget that he just got burned for an 80 yard TD, or Brett Favre would need to shake off his 4th INT, you must have a short term memory in fantasy. 

After the draft is over, immediately forget when you drafted each player. When I say forget when you drafted each player, I mean don’t let this influence when you should trade and/or drop players on your team. Just because you drafted someone in the 3rd or 4th round doesn’t mean they are worthy of staying on your roster the entire year!

Tip 2 - IR = Release

If a player is added to the IR, you should drop him (unless there is an IR spot or you are playing in a dynasty/keeper league). Once a player is added to the IR he’s not coming back this year. In standard redraft leagues, he can be safely dropped.

Tip 3 - Be Resourceful w/ FantasyPros

Use the Player Rater to evaluate all trades that are proposed to you. If you aren’t sure if a trade will help you, the Player Rater can help you make a decision by offering consensus expert rankings updated on a weekly basis.

Tip 4 - Follow Rumors / Trends

Pay close attention to trade rumors, and make trade offers based on speculation. If you follow Ian Rapoport on Twitter, you may get the “inside scoop” on trades. Use this to your advantage before others find out! For example, remember when Adrian Peterson was traded from the Saints to the Cardinals,  and Alvin Kamara was given a chance to shine? That's a guy you want to get before the trade is finalized! Kamara’s fantasy value was minimal before Peterson was shipped out, but then became a fantasy stud (especially in PPR).

Tip 5 - Drop Your Kicker / Defense on a Bye Week

Drop your defense when they are on a bye week, unless you drafted an elite defense. Drop your kicker when he is on a bye week, regardless of how elite he is. You can pick up a replacement level player/defense the following week and not lose anything.