The Ultimate Fantasy Football Commissioner Guide

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Commissioner Guide - 360 Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Have you earned the distinct honors of being the commissioner of your fantasy football league? If so, we want to welcome you to the club!

Over the next few years, you will realize being the commissioner is a thankless job. You will receive many complaints, be accused of collusion, receive angry texts at 1 AM on Tuesday, and you may even be asked to step down... And that's just the first week of the NFL season.

In all seriousness, being the commissioner of your fantasy football league is a big deal. Whether you were given to this roll by default as you were the one who created the league, or you earned your way into this role by proving you are a fearless leader who can take your fantasy football league to greatness, we are here to support you. 


What Does a Commissioner Do in Fantasy Football?

There are a number of things that a fantasy football commissioner is responsible for. Below is the list of THE MOST important tasks that you will need to complete if you want to maintain your status as the league commish for years to come. 

Create a Legendary Draft - If you do nothing else, make sure that you create a legendary draft day. The fantasy football draft day is the single greatest day of the year, and as the commish of your league, you need to ensure the draft lives up to the hype. If you are in a standard league with 10 teams, pick up a 10 team fantasy football draft board. If you are in a larger league, we also sell 14 team fantasy football draft boards. Either way, we suggest grabbing an offline draft board and label kit to bring your draft day experience to the next level. Hosting an offline draft may be a bit more complicated to setup, compared to using a computer, but it's worth it. 

Ensure League Engagement - The second most important thing a commish must do, is to keep the league engaged throughout the season. Yes, even the team that is 1-9, and has been decimated by injuries. Keeping the league chat active and making sure each team is starting an eligible roster (nobody on Bye) may be the worst part of the job, but it's an important one. 

Maintain League Integrity - Making sure that trades are fair, there is no collusion, and the integrity of the league is being held up at all times is an important role. Chances are, the league will be self-sustaining, but there are times when you may need to step in and take action (i.e. if Alvin Kamara is traded for Carzon Wentz). 

Ensure Payment (or Awards) Are Received on Time - Although you could use a paid tool to manage payments, we suggest using a free tool such as Venmo. Make sure that all league members have paid before the draft or within 1 week of the NFL season starting. You don't want to have to be the bad guy, but if you can't collect payment from each player, you should be held accountable for making an extra payment!

Update League Settings - It's not just about picking the ESPN or Yahoo fantasy football platform (but yes, that is an important decision to make). Making sure that your league settings are being updated each year is a bigger deal, regardless of what platform you choose.

Adding .5 PPR or full PPR, adding an extra point for long TD's, removing the Kicker position, adding a second QB or FLEX spot, there are so many changes that can be made to bring your league to the next level. PRO TIP: Make sure to work with your league before implementing major changes! 



It's Not Hard to Be a Great Fantasy Football Commissioner!

Check out these videos for other great tips, suggestions and ideas. 





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