How does a Dynasty Fantasy Football League Work?

Are you wondering how a Dynasty Fantasy Football League works? You’ve come to the right place. We’re about to unload a ton of knowledge on you. Buckle up.

Generally speaking, a dynasty football league allows you to be the GM of your fantasy football team. Every draft pick, every trade and every decision you make will impact your team for years to come.

Every dynasty fantasy football league starts with the inaugural draft. Here, you get to draft your team exactly like you would in a standard season-long league. The only difference is what happens after the season. In a dynasty fantasy football league, you can keep as many (or as few) players as you want from one season to the next!

Dynasty fantasy football leagues also allow you to trade future draft picks, giving you ultimate control over how to construct your roster. Like an NFL GM, you’ll be faced with a lot of tough decisions. Should you draft younger players with high upside or should you go with a reliable veteran with a low floor? Should you trade your top RB for the #1 pick in next years Rookie draft? Should you roster more than 2 QB’s?

Once you learn how a dynasty fantasy football league works, you’ll quickly understand why they are so popular. Season-long fantasy football leagues have been the standard for a number of years, and it’s easy to see why. Over the last 3 years, however, both DFS and Dynasty leagues have seen a huge spike in popularity. 

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Where to Start your Dynasty Fantasy Football League

You can pretty much make any platform work for a dynasty league. ESPN, Yahoo, and will allow you to start a league with keeper settings. You’ll just want to set the Keeper limits as high as possible to make it a true dynasty league.

There are various other platforms out there that you may want to consider, but we suggest checking out the following:

Sleeper - Sleeper offers all the features you're used to, plus some you wish you had if you use ESPN or Yahoo. The Sleeper app offers more intuitive design and was built to host dynasty fantasy football leagues.


4 Quick Tips to Dominate your Dynasty Fantasy Football League

TIP #1: Wide Receivers are typically valued higher than Running Backs in dynasty fantasy football leagues, especially in PPR or .5 PPR leagues.

Caveat: A pair of stud RB’s is the surest way to compete for a league championship each year. You need to know when to buy early on a WR and when to pick a safe RB.

Tip #2: Load up on RB’s after you draft a few stud WR’s. With a dynasty fantasy football league, 2nd and 3rd string RB’s with high upside are valued extremely high. All it takes is an injury or a trade for your budding star to be unleashed.

Caveat: They’ll likely be on your bench for the first few years. Don’t panic.

Tip #3: Know when to give up on the current season and start to play for next year. If you’re sitting at 3-8 and your team is filled with injuries, it may be a good idea to unload some of your older players for draft picks in the upcoming drafts.

Caveat: Understand that if you trade a player to the team in 4th place for a first round pick, your actual pick will be late in the first round, depending on where that team finishes.

Tip #4: Consider paying for fantasy football knowledge. It may seem insane to think of paying for knowledge when there is so much free information out there, but some tools are 100% worth it! We recommend FantasyPros and NumberFire

Caveat: Understand that many others may have access to the same info. 

We hope this article gave you a better understanding of how a dynasty fantasy football league works. Do you have some tips that you’d like to share? Feel free to send em over!

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