Submission #1

This submission is from Anon. #1.

This was submitted to via email on July 30, 2015. 

The trophy that is displayed in my living room isn’t just a reminder of the past fantasy football season, it is also a remembrance to the people in the league, and everything that is involved in it. Fantasy football has affected my life in a positive way ever since the eighth grade, and my continued involvement in it allows for me to stay close with old friends and to create relationships with new ones. While people who do not understand fantasy football may look at it as a dumb hobby for guys to relive their glory days, I look at it as a way to stay connected with people while keeping the competitive spirit alive through an entertaining medium.

Fantasy football is big with my group of friends. We have played since junior high school, and the league has grown up just as much as we have. It started as an 8-team league with half the owners getting bored and forgetting about it halfway through the season. I, being the league manager, took it upon myself to heighten the competition of the league, and now, it is a 10-team affair which allows only the more serious owners to participate. Being the league manager sounds like a menial task, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. More than just setting a draft date and approving trades, being the league manager of my league is about maintaining owner interest and keeping the peace among the participants. I have applied a businesslike approach to our league, using my accounting background to manage any money that exchanges hands throughout the season, my marketing skills to find legitimate owners to keep the league afloat, and my management skills to allow the league to run smoothly and efficiently. 

My favorite part about being the league manager is keeping the League Manager Note updated and relevant. The note, which I use to keep the owners interested throughout the workweek, includes individual scoring leaders for the week and season, weekly projections of every matchup (where I was 40-16 last season, much more successful than ESPN’s projections), and grades for each team with comments on how they’re doing. While writing the note, I try and use a satire-based humor that gives the owners something to cheer up a boring Monday morning class or get them over the hump of a Wednesday afternoon shift. This also allows me to have some fun and vent off the frustrations that everyone gets when playing fantasy football.

Fantasy football is a mainstay in my group of friends that allows ten 20-somethings to meet up and keep in touch, even though we may go to different schools or even live in different states. While we talk trash throughout the season, it’s all in good fun, because we know the true reason that we play fantasy football: to stay connected with friends while competing for the pride to be called the Bison League Champion and get your name on the trophy.