Submission #2

This submission is from Anon. #2.

This was submitted to via email on August 2, 2015. 


The year was 2009, my grandfather asked me to join his fantasy football league. That was the first year I ever managed a team. Fast forward to the present, I have been named a champion twice and made it to the finals in my grandfathers league four straight years. Fantasy football starting at around the middle of July takes over a big chunk of my life. I am constantly reading up on anything and everything I can to get a competitive edge. 

I currently play in 6 or 7 leagues, while also playing the daily fantasy games. Fantasy football has actually made me a better scholar. I spend so much of my summer studying for the draft, the draft almost feels like a test. It's helped me as a scholar because through my hours of reading about fantasy football, I learned how my brain works , how my brain remembers information. Also, I have been the commissioner of a league for the last two seasons with my friends. It is almost like running a business in a way.

Prior to the draft, I have a plethora of work to do. I have to have the other players contact me with their keeper player, I have to hunt people down for their funds, roster changes and scoring changes need applied. This typically leads to a couple stressful weeks for me making sure everything is in order. Then the season starts, my weeks are consumed by the waiver wire, my weekends are consumed by the games.

My mood is quite obviously effected depending on me teams outcome week to week. Luckily, I have never missed the playoffs in any league I have ever been in. Usually, I schedule out about two hours to study for the week. I have noticed that fantasy football makes people closer, I have a few friends in high school who I may not talk to if it was not for our league. All and all, fantasy football is a part of my everyday life nevertheless being one of my favorite recreational activities.