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"The Bro" Fantasy Football Draft Board was a new addition to our product line for 2015. "The Bro" draft board includes over 40 player nicknames, including Aaron Rodgers (A-Rod), Tom Brady (TB12), Drew Brees (Breesus), Andy Dalton (Red Rifle), Julian Edelman (Minitron) among many others. We searched the internet for popular player names and talked with beat writers to get the inside scoop.
Other less common nicknames include:
Cole Beasley - Swoll Beastley
Danny Woodhead - Woody
Devin Hester - Anytime
and many more

If you would like a full list of nicknames before ordering, please contact us today. Although we searched far and wide for player nicknames, there may be a chance that we missed a few. To see if your favorite player has been included in our list, please email or call us today. If you would like to contribute a players nickname that the general public might not know about, please drop us a line. If we were unable to uncover a players nickname, the players name will appear similar to other labels.

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  1. YEET

    By gerg July 23, 2016

    on a scale from sh*t to fire - this is a solid "a suh"

  2. I got you Bro

    By Ryan C July 09, 2015

    I got the Bro draft board since there is nothing else like it on the market. The labels were awesome, my entire league was stoked for this. They had no idea that nicknames were included until the draft actually started and couldn't find Adrian Peterson.

    The best part is that each player is in alphabetical order by last name, so don't try and look up a player by their nickname.

  3. This is Awesome!!

    By Jeremy February 09, 2015

    This is the first draft board that I've ever seen where I can draft Megatron, The Natural and ALL DAY! This is seriously awesome.

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