How to Make Your Own Draft Board

Are you wondering how to make your own fantasy football draft board? You can make your own fantasy football draft board in 5 easy steps using materials that cost $30 or less. If you are within driving distance of a Staples or Home Depot, making your own fantasy draft board is quite easy. 


1. Cut a Piece of Paper / Cardboard 36 x 48 Inches. 

This will serve as your Draft Board. You could always find a larger or smaller piece of cardboard, but 36 x 48 is the standard size we recommend. You can find cardboard at Staples, Home Depot, Walmart, and any craft stores. You can also have a 36 x 48 piece of paper printed at Staples, Costco or other office box-store for around $15.

make your own fantasy football draft board paper board


2. Draw 10 Vertical Lines and 20 Horizontal Lines 

Of course, you can make adjustments based on the number of teams in your league and number of rounds to be drafted. 

make your own board


3. Buy Avery Labels at Staples

Choose a label size that works for your draft board. The standard Avery 5160 address labels work well with your DIY draft board 36 x 48. 

fantasy draft board labels


4. Create Your Labels in Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word to create your labels. If you use Avery 5160 labels, there should be a pre-loaded template within Microsoft Word. 

 microsoft word


5. Print Your Labels. 

Print your labels, and you're all done! You just made your own fantasy football draft board with player labels!



Of course, you could buy a fantasy football draft board from our website, saving yourself the trouble of creating a DIY draft board. Our selection of fantasy football draft boards include 10-Team boards 12-Team boards 14-Team boards and more. If you want to design your own draft board, check out some of the custom boards that we've created for some of our customers!


premium fantasy football draft board


fantasy football draft board original  fantasy football draft board red


color fantasy football draft board