Hall of Fame Draft Board, Locker Room Shower

It has been said that the Hall of Fame Locker Room Shower Draft Board once distracted an entire league during a draft, allowing the Commish to pick up Antonio Brown in the 3rd and Todd Gurley in the 4th. This complete offline draft kit comes with over 420 premium fluorescent labels, sorted by position and ordered alphabetically.

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Who knew that drafting a fantasy football team could be such a glorious process?! It’s time to retire your traditional black and white draft board and upgrade to the 2018 Hall of Fame Locker Room Shower Draft Board. This draft kit includes everything that you need to host an epic draft party (beer not included).

It all starts with the draft board

Printed on Premium Matte 50 LB paper with UltraBrite technology, this board it sure to impress. Most folks prefer to mount this on the wall with the included Command Hooks, however you do have the choice to glue it to a corrugated board or other material for a stand along draft board. The board itself is more than 60 inches wide (over 5-feet) and 36 inches tall (3-feet), and can be customized with the exact number of rounds and teams that you need.

Let’s take a closer look at the labels

We use premium fluorescent labels, colored by position, to help make your draft party run smooth and efficient. Each label features the players first name, last name, bye week and projected 2018 rank (fantasypros.com). The labels are 4 inches wide and 1 inch tall, and the players last name can be read from 25-ft away. This draft kit comes with over 430 player labels, perfect for deep leagues or dynasty leagues.

Although we can’t guarantee this fantasy football draft board will help you win a championship in 2018, it’s sure to provide your league with plenty of excitement for your 2018 draft.

2018 Draft Party Prep:

You already know that a successful draft party starts with your draft prep. As commish, you have a lot of responsibilities, none of which you get any credit for. To help you with your 2018 fantasy draft party, we’ve come up with a few ideas / suggestions to your league to the next level.

1 - Look for a Unique Draft Venue

Listen, nobody us going to complain if you decide to host the draft at Bill’s house… for the 3rd consecutive year… but we suggest looking for a different spot. Here are a few ideas that you should consider in 2018:

1) Resort / VRBO - You’d be surprised at what options you have in your local area for a reasonable cost. Just make sure the location is within the delivery radius of a local pizza parlor.
2) Outdoor Draft - Who said your draft party needs to be indoors? Pack up the coolers and head to a park for an outdoor draft party. Ask everyone to pitch in $20 and get your draft party catered by Moes or other place that folks like.
3) Upscale Restaurant - You’ve already heard of drafting at a local sports bar, but have you considered renting a room at an upscale restaurant? Keep the jerseys in the closet for the night and opt for Tuxedo’s or other black tie apparel.

2 - Research Your Team

Even though you’ll be doing a lot of planning for the party itself, you can’t forget to research your own team. It’s okay to spend a few hours on the clock researching sleepers and listening to podcasts. Here are a few resources that will help you maximize your time in 2018: Fantasy Footballers Podcast, Fantasy Focus Podcast, Fantasy Pros Rankings.

3 - Have a Fantasy Loser “Celebration”

At the start of your fantasy draft party make sure to properly shame the loser of last years fantasy season. We suggest a well thought out celebration such as singing the national anthem in a pink tutu, or a GOT “Shame-like” entrance. If you have a unique idea, make sure to record it and upload it to Twitter / Instagram tagging us @FFDraftBoard. Read this article for more fantasy loser punishments.

4 - Come up with a Unique Way to Determine your Fantasy Draft Order

Let’s face it, nobody wants to draft in reverse order from last years’s standings anymore. Read this article for ways to determine your fantasy draft order or come up with something different and tag us @FFDraftBoard.

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