Group Sales

Are you part of a school, team, or other organization that would like to buy in bulk? Similar to our fantasy football draft boards for restaurants, we offer discounts for large orders. We can even customize your the fantasy football draft board with your team name, group name, or organization name. 

Group Sales Discounts

1 Draft Board - 0% Off

2-10 Draft Boards - 3% Off

11-30 Draft Boards - 8% Off

31-50 Draft Boards - 12% Off

50-100 Draft Boards - 16% Off

101 and more - 22% Off


To learn more about buying in bulk, please contact customer service at 802-318-2911. We would be happy to assist you with ordering 2015 Fantasy Football Draft Boards in bulk for your company, football team, high school / university, or any other organization. If you are thinking about buying a fantasy football draft board in bulk, make sure that you know which board you would like.

We offer an array of options, including 10 team boards, 12 team boards, 14 team boards and much more. Our draft kits are broken into four different categories: Rookie of the Year (black and white labels), Commissioners Choice (color labels), Hall of Fame (color labels) and P.E.D Draft Kit (large color labels). If you aren't sure which fantasy football draft board would be best for your organization, team, company or school, we are happy to help you make a decision. Simply fill out a contact us form or call us by phone and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. While you browse our website, please make sure to read our testimonials, read more about us, or call us at 802-318-2911. We look forward to speaking with you!