This submission is from Anon. #4.

This was submitted to via email on August 13, 2015.

I’ve been a huge fantasy football participant the last 5 seasons. All my parents do it and I’ve given them pointers about certain players, matchups, and draft strategies. During football season fantasy football affects my life with the stress over players with matchups and scenarios (for example I’ll be down 40 points going into Monday Night Football but I have Andy Dalton and Martellus Bennett and the other guy is done for the week, which makes me think about how close the margin will be whether I can come from behind or not). Close situations will stress me out all day on whether I’ll win my weekly matchup.

It also is tough doing fantasy football because then you are always either rooting for a player on a rival team or you’re rooting for someone going against your favorite team. As a die hard Packer fan, it’s always a dilemma whether to take Adrian Peterson in the first few picks of the draft; or having to root for Calvin Johnson to go for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns against Green Bay in order to win my weekly matchup.

Fantasy football doesn’t affect my relationships with people cause it all reality it isn’t real. But it does affect me internally and with my mood and emotions. This is what really makes me mad and affects my mood so much with fantasy football, when you fail to make the right decisions on who to play and sit each week. But even more frustrating is when you are so busy and you don’t have enough time to check your lineups on Sunday mornings. Cause then there’s always a player who goes off for like 30 points on your team so you get happy… and then realize it’s the first week after the player’s bye week so he was on the bench for you and you never changed it. Coming from personal experience of this situation coming true, fantasy football makes quite an impact on my life during football season and affects my mood a lot!

Now I unfortunately will not be able to participate in fantasy football because of the NCAA rules for college athletes. But I’m sure I’ll still follow people’s teams and discuss with them about fantasy football, since it’s one of my favorite activities to do during football season.