How to Shame The Loser of Your League

10.  Public Shaming 

Let’s kick off the top 10 fantasy football loser punishments with a little public shaming. The loser of your fantasy league will hold a sign that says “I Suck At Fantasy Football”, and will stand at a busy street corner with their shirt off at the busiest time of the day. Props to you if you can pull this off at 2 AM after the bars close! 

honk if i suck at fantasy football - loser punishment

9. Fathead 

The winner of your league will take a picture of himself holding the championship trophy. This picture will be blown up into a FatHead which will be placed in the basement / game room / living room of the losers house. 

custom fathead - fantasy loser punishment

8. Brazzer Bowl

The loser of your fantasy football league will be required to purchase a one year subscription of Brazzers, or the other adult website of your choice. It'll cost you a pretty penny, but at least you'll be the most popular guy in your league for the next year!


7. Lady Legs

The loser of your fantasy league will be required to shave their legs for the 2018 fantasy football draft. You also must rock shorts and show off your pretty legs to the rest of the league!


6. The Most Embarrassing Grocery Run

For three consecutive weeks, the loser of your league must go to the grocery store during the busiest time of the week and purchase a CucumberVaseline, and Condoms. Props to you if you chose the checkout line with the cute cashier. Just don't plan on asking for her number anytime soon...

fantasy loser punishment


5. The Most Dangerous Game

Do you enjoy a game of paintball? Have you ever played paintball with your shirt off? It hurts… A Lot

The loser of your fantasy league will be hunted by the rest of your league with paintball guns for 1 minute. As explained by a league member in the Bronx, ”The week before the draft, the last-place finisher is taken to a paintball location, where he has to dress as a lion and be hunted by everyone else in the league."

 fantasy loser punishment paintball

4. The Draft Princess 

The loser of your fantasy league must wear a pink tutu and tiara during next year’s fantasy draft. You're also not allowed to drink, which may lead to some better draft choices. 


3. The Tattoo League

Just like you may have seen with Matthew Berry, the loser of your league must get a Tattoo somewhere on his body. We’ve seen Justin Beiber Tattoo’s, Miley Cyrus Tattoos, Unicorn Tattoos and much more. Just remember, a tattoo will last forever. 


2. The Fantasy Loser License Plate

The loser of your league has to use this fantasy football loser license plate for the entire year. Wherever you drive, be it the mall, work, or picking up a girl for dinner, everyone will know that YOU SUCK at fantasy football. Pick up a fantasy football loser license plate here.

Check out this Fantasy Football Loser Punishment Video from Bleacher Report

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