Not all fantasy football draft boards are created equal! Use this comparison chart to help you choose which draft board and kit you want to purchase for your 2017 league draft. To learn more about purchasing a 2017 fantasy draft kit, please head over to our products page.

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How to Compare Fantasy Draft Boards

1. Number of Player Labels. 

Do you know how many labels are included in your draft board kit? We provide the exact number of labels in each kit, to leave the guess-work out of it. If you buy from some of our competitors, they might give you an estimate like "About 300 labels" or "All the Important Players". What exactly does that mean? 

We want you to know exactly how many labels you will get, which is why we're 100% transparent. No games. No gimmicks. 

2. Size of Draft Board.

This is one of the most important aspects of purchasing a fantasy draft board online. You don't want to buy a draft board that your friends will laugh at, do you? We only sell large draft boards to ensure that your draft runs smooth and efficient. We guarantee that no labels will overlap each other, and you'll have enough room to write notes and / or trades. 

3. Quality of Draft Board.

Are you getting a cheap piece of paper, or is your 2017 fantasy football draft board made using high-quality paper and color ink? We strive to provide the highest quality draft boards, regardless of which kit you opt for. From the Rookie of the Year to the P.E.D draft kit, every single 2017 board is made from the highest quality materials. If you compare us to the competition, you'll see why we're America's favorite website for football draft boards. 

4. Shipping Options

If you prefer to save a few bucks, we'll ship you a draft board and kit for FREE. That's right, FREE. On the other hand, if you'd rather have your draft board shipped in a tube that will prevent creasing, bending, and folding, opt for Tube Shipping at checkout. 

5. Price

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the entire country. Whether you're searching for a 10-team draft board, 12-team draft board or a 14-team draft board with 30 rounds, you won't find a better price on the internet. 

We also offer discounts for group orders and for restaurants across the country. If you own a restaurant or bar and you want to sell fantasy football draft boards for live drafts, you can buy in bulk and save big $$. Contact us to learn more about our restaurant or bulk order pricing discounts. 

6. Customer Service

We're here to help you find the perfect draft board for your league needs. Contact our customer service team to learn more about our current selection of 2017 fantasy draft boards! Did you know that every single draft kit sold will include a free fantasy football draft guide? We'll also include free beer coasters for every purchase over $50.