Let's not beat around the bush here. We're here to sell you a fantasy football draft board for your offline draft party. Our entire business (and likely, piss poor fantasy football advice) runs because we have better draft boards and better customer service than any other company / supplier out there! 

With that said, we have to keep ourselves entertained throughout the entire year, which is why we're going to release a new 2018 Fantasy Football player rankings once / month for the remainder of the NFL playoffs, and throughout the entire off-season. Our 2018 Fantasy Football rankings will change after the 2018 NFL draft, and will also drastically change during training camp and pre-season. At this point (January, 2018), our rankings are based on projected starters, anticipated coaching changes, and overall talent of each player in the NFL. 

These rankings will change over the coming months, but if you are in a Dynasty fantasy football league, you may be asked to select your keepers in the coming weeks or months. If so, these rankings may come in handy.