Let’s talk about planning for a minute. We know that you forgot your anniversary twice in the last three years, and you always find yourself scrambling last minute on date-night. I won’t even get into making dinner reservations for Valentines day… 

But this is different, this is YOUR fantasy football draft party. You need to plan a few things if you want it to be legendary. 

Tip 1. Plan out the Night. I’m not talking about creating an itinerary, but you should have a draft start time and a few planned out breaks. 

Tip 2. Buy an extra 30-rack. Feel free to pick up the IPA or Lager of your choice for the draft, but pick up an extra 30-rack to be sure. The last thing you want to happen is to be out of beer, but too drunk to drive to the liquor store. Then again, you could always use Uber or Lyft… 

Tip 3. Get a ton of food. Similar to overstocking on beer, you’ll want to do the same with food. You could go with something easy like a few large pizza’s, or step up your game and get a few Nacho-Stuffed Potato Skins, Bacon-Wrapped Pineapple or Scallop BLTs. When the draft is over that’s when you’ll go with a classic Mac and Cheese.

  • Trick 1: Stash away some Santitos and Salsa for a late-late night snack. 

Tip 4. Print out “Cheet Sheets” with player rankings for every manager.These are included if you opt for the Hall of Fame Fantasy Draft Board

  • Trick 2: Ethics aside, this is a great strategy. Within the “Cheet Sheets” you print for people, you should intentionally remove a mid-tier player from the rankings. An obvious player like LeVeon Bell or David Johnson wouldn’t work, but a mid-tier guy like Stefan Diggs, Doug Baldwin or Dion Lewis might go unnoticed. This would allow you to wait 2-3 rounds past their ADP and get a bargain!

Tip 5. Play a game / contest to determine the draft order. We’re a big fan of Pabst bottle cap poker (ranked #1 on our list of how to determine your fantasy draft order, but there are a ton of different games / contests you could use. Whatever you do, don’t determine the draft order until it’s draft day. This make things much more interesting.

Tip 6. Host the draft at an off-site location. Although you don’t have to go to Vegas, just don’t draft at someones house. Check out nearby resorts, as you can often find a great for a night or weekend deal during the months of August. 

  • Trick 3: Pick a draft venue that is in a city / town that offers plenty of food delivery. This way, when you forget to overstock with food, you can dial up a nearby pizza place or Chinese delivery restaurant and save the day. 

Tip 7. Shame the loser of last years league for the entire draft. This could mean the loser is the “Beer Bitch”, fetching beers anytime someone wants one or “Sticker Bitch”, meaning they have to place the sticker of every draft pick (For time sake, they can’t be both). You could also have the loser of last years season sing the National Anthem to start the draft, wear a skirt, or manually enter the draft results into your online platform. The possibilities are endless. 

  • Trick 4: If the loser sings the National Anthem, record it and post to YouTube

Tip 8. Honor the winner of last years league with a fantasy football champion belt. Move over fantasy football trophy, the championship belt is here. And it's not going anywhere anytime soon. In a recent blog post, Cheat Sheet War Room provided pointers for picking the perfect fantasy football championship belt for your league.  They cover the best belts on the market and even explain how to have a custom belt designed for your league. 


Tip 9. Hire a bartender (if you can find one). You would be surprised to know how many cute girls would be willing to be your bartender for the night. Just search Craigslist or call a local bar to see if they'd like to help out. It's easier than you might think. Although we can't guarantee they would dress like a Sexy Ref, it can't hurt to ask... Like Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss every shot you don't take!"